Fever Thermal Cameras

Fever Thermal Cameras in Dallas-Fort Worth

With Covid-19 and other illnesses now becoming an issue for many businesses who want to keep their customers and employees safe, we now offer fever thermal cameras to detect if someone might be ill before they enter your business.

What is a Fever Thermal Camera?

A fever thermal camera is a camera that can detect someone's body temperature to see if they might be running a fever.  It can be your first line of defense to warding off unwanted germs and viruses from entering your business.

How Is a Fever Thermal Camera Used?

  • The camera connects via Wi-FI with a PC or mobile device
  • We have mounted, tripod or hand-held options
  • An embed audio alarm can immediately notify operators of a temperature alarm
  • Easy touch screen options are available
  • Accuracy of +-0.5ºC (+-0.9ºF)
  • 4 & 8MP optical camera options, which satisfies normal monitoring

Types of Thermal Cameras Are Available

  • Short/Mid-Range Mounted or Tripod Camera 
  • Mid-Range Handheld Camera 
  • Long-Range Mounted or Tripod Camera 

Get a Fever Thermal Camera Installed in your Business

If you are in need of a fever thermal camera for your business to help stop the spread of coronavirus, call 469-702-8682 or complete our contact form to schedule your consultation today.